“Agony” – Short Film

The Team Behind Agony

Agony was inspired by a short story written by Warren Dayd Billington. Warren has adapted his story to a screenplay titled Agony. We thank him for the opportunity to represent his work.

Dave Owen of Stonebridge Video is directing and producing the film. Dave is also the founder and CEO of Heart First Films. Agony is the first film to be made under the Heart First Films organization.

Filmmaker Peter Fuhrman is the director of photography and co-producer of the film. Peter owns Stairway Media, a Portland based production company. He is also a published still photographer and member of the Oregon Media Production Association and Heart First Films.

Kelly Kopp and Chris Gonzales are the amazing marketing team behind this campaign. They both serve on the Heart First Films board of directors.


International business sensation, Charles Valentino has it all … so he thought. From gracing the cover of GQ magazine to being recognized as one of the youngest most powerful businessmen in the world, Charles is everyman’s ideal. Wealth. Women. Power.

Colleagues and community members gather for an honorary evening in Charles’ name. Once again the spotlight shines brightly on Mr. Valentino, but he doesn’t realize his world is about to be turned inside out when he experiences a sudden extraordinary vision of his past life.